Thanks for coming !  This is my very first attempt at blogging, so I hope I am on a learning curve.

I have started it to commemorate my 70th year here on our planet, and mean to enter something every single day for 367 days … the whole year including two birthdays. I shall just write!  Mainly about my days and my deliberations, and to remind myself what I am grateful for each day!  We shall see where it goes !  Who knows ?

I am just GrannieJazz – living a marvellous life on Spain’s Costa Blanca with GrandPa Rod.  I’m a bit of a home-bird, love making things, reading books (Kindle-free zone), and enjoying the mountains and sun.  I have a wonderful family in England , which I miss painfully.  Every day.

All the rest which I am will emerge as I write.  Comments would be great.  I shall keep a paper copy of all this in a series of scrap-books so that when I am really doolally, someone can show me them and tell me who I was !