Just to finish off the birthday treat,  we had the  morning of the 28th to enjoy the facilities at the Thermalium, and a new treatment  booked for 10 am..  I was not feeling a whole  lot better, but it was good to have something to look forward to!

This treatment was as amazing as the other one – but different.  We descended to the bowels of the hotel once more, to a small complex  Image result for archena thermaliumwhich  housed a warm pool, a sauna and lots of different sorts of showers, where we could spend as long as we needed to.  We went in as a group of about 8 people, and one at a time we were called out to have a massage – with mud again but with alternating hot water and water with ice chunks in it.  Oooh , I didn’t like it at all, but the lady wouldn’t stop until she had done what she had to do.  I shall NEVER put myself forward for such torture again.

But the rest of the experience was good – especially the warm bits!




So now I am on my last entry.  The overwhelming feeling I have is sadness.  I have enjoyed the daily challenge of sitting down at my computer and writing about my day.  I have not  improved in my picture-taking however, and am no better at remembering to take a daily snap as I was at the beginning!   (I can’t work out why it should be “B-day plus 365”,  though.  I have done 368 entries by my reckoning – a whole leap year plus two birthdays and  this one extra.  Isn’t it marvellous that life should, every so often, present you with a surprise and a mystery?!!)

I believe I have benefitted a lot from the experience.  I have learned to see each day as something special.  Sometimes towards the end of an afternoon, I have realised that the day was almost gone and I had done nothing spectacular.  That was the time when I would DO something worthy of writing about.   It has made me introspective  at times, and at other times has made me question myself.  This  can only be good surely?

There will be a big hole in my days now – so I shall make sure that I fill it up.  My aim will be to do something for the  first time as often as I can!  I have written all  my entries as if I were writing only for myself – so if anyone  else has read them, I hope they have found them entertaining and perhaps given food  for thought.

Now that I am seventy, do I feel different?  A great big resounding

Image result for no


Image result for age is just a number


I can’t go without including a picture Lex sent me after my last visit to her house:


If this is how the world sees me, then that’s OK.  .  I love that there is someone in the Universe looking over my shoulder  with a lovely caring smile.  The World is Good, and I am a lucky lady  to be in it.

Image result for bye




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  1. What a wonderful blog, I have really enjoyed reading it so much I don’t know what I shall read first thing in the morning! Well done for entertaining us so brilliantly.


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