We have a busy time ahead of us, so there was lots to do today.  Mike and Sue  are due in Murla on Saturday, so the first thing we did was hare over there to plug in a few heaters for them.  It will be nice to see them, especially now that our weather is so much better, and the temperatures in the UK are plummeting.  Shirley and Dave are also due on Monday, so that is something else to look forward to!

So we did lots of shopping and sorting out, and had to take little Dash to the vet’s in Orba to be spayed.  Originally, Pam at the cat’s place had told us to do this in a couple of weeks’ time – but when I told her that I thought poor Dash had tummy ache, she made an appointment there and then for the vet’s.  We dropped her off at 10 o’clock and picked her up at 5, and the vet confirmed that she had been in season, her first one.  This could account for the visits Satch has made to our house recently!  We will pay the 75€ that the vet charges for this – half price for the cat rescue cats.

The vet gave us instructions on how to protect Dash when we got her home, but as soon as we got in, she started scooting about as if she had been asleep all day and needed to play.   The nastiness at the vet’s did not happen , then?

IDSC03685t was the evening of the quiz at Bar Nou in aid of Caritas. What a fuzzy old picture  this is, – but I have included it for the general impression it gives.  There were a record 39 of us there pitching our wits and enjoying the fish and chips.  Anne and DSC03683Derek were on great form, and we all had a really good evening.

Rod had decided yesterday that the second cat, Carmen, would have to go back to the rescue centre, as she was just hiding herself away and not coming out to eat, drink or go to the toilet.  But today, there was a big breakthrough. She ventured out to eat and have a walk around.  So she has a reprieve !    We shall wait and see what she is like after the weekend now.  Apparently when she first went to the cat rescue place, she did not appear out in public for three weeks – so we count ourselves honoured.






One thought on “B-DAY PLUS 340”

  1. It was a great evening raising almost 400 euros.
    It was a record breaking 59 people in such a tiny place.
    Should have been 61 , there were a few no shows which is quite normal.
    Next quiz 7th April be there or be square.

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