This is what we woke up to this morning !  Big flakes of snow falling fast, and a covering of five inches all over the valley !

IMG_0102Dorothy across the way sent us this photo she took of our house, and my Facebook page was full of beautiful pictures of snow on the beaches and in the villages.  They are saying that it has not snowed like this since 1984, and this means that the councils are not really equipped to deal with it!  Many locals posted this pic of Denis’s snow plough !

15977305_10212526004049061_7522409306654294589_nWhen we have seen a bit of snow before, it has melted away within a couple of hours, but today, it stayed all day.  By the time it got dark, rain was washing most of it away, but we didn’t risk going  out at all, instead we lit the fire and enjoyed a leisurely day of reading and crafting, and I tried not to remember that it was Wednesday and yet another Wednesday Wander was not to be.

This was the first Wednesday of our new dinnertime system.  Regretfully, after almost 16 years of cooking for us every Wednesday evening, Pepe has admitted that the task has got too difficult for him to manage.  So he brought the big chops up to me yesterday, and I cooked them as best I could!  Meat is NOT my favourite food, and often my heart is not in the cooking of it.  We all seemed to like what I had done, so we were all happy. This  will be the new arrangement – he will supply the meat and the wine and I shall supply him with a hearty meal.  He has done SO well, to last until he was almost 96 before giving up!






One thought on “B-DAY PLUS 324”

  1. Having read several of your recent blogs which are so inspiring I remember seeing on one of them you were celebrating your birthday with treating the family to come out. Sounds lovely. then I wondered what was the date of your birthday …i eventually realized all I had to do was to take 324 from 352 to find out! that makes it around Feb 15 Can you confirm if that is right. I am not much good with figures and dates!

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