Lots of excitement today!  Tomorrow at the crack of silly o’clock, Pepe, Rod and I shall be off to Alicante Airport to get a plane to the UK for CHRISTMAS !!  Pepe is off to Hereford, (via Bristol Airport)  to spend the time with Nick and Yvonne, whilst we shall be off to Hassocks to be with the Youngs (via Gatwick).  Our plane is due to take off 1hour 20 minutes after Pepe’s, so we should be able to make sure he is safe before getting into our queue.

DSC03477I needed a few last-minute things from Jalón, so I popped in during  the morning, and, for the first time this year, I saw the Christmas tree in the square, looking all jolly and happy.  I had to go and have a closer look, and it made  me smile to look at the decorations.  CD discs !!  Each disc had been decorated by a different child – some with paper pictures, some wound  with wool and others with lots of dangly stuff on them.  The end result was lovely in the sunshine!  How proud those children must have been to have their work on display for all to see and admire!

All the shops I went  in had the same broadcast – very loud!  It is the day of the big national lottery in Spain, “El Gordo”.  They have this peculiar way of drawing the numbers, which takes several hours.  One child draws the numbers and sings them out, while another sings the appropriate prize.  Here’s what Wikipedia says;

The Spanish Christmas Lottery (officially Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad  or simply Lotería de Navidad is a national lottery. It has been organized every year since 1812 by a branch of the Spanish Public Administration.  It is the second longest continuously running lottery in the world. This includes the years during the Civil War when the lottery draw was held in Valencia after the Republicans were forced to relocate their capital from Madrid. After the overthrow of the Republican government the lottery continued uninterrupted under the Franco Regime.

As measured by the total prize pay-out, the Spanish Christmas Lottery is considered the biggest lottery worldwide. In 2015, with 18 million pre-printed 200 tickets to sell, the maximum total amount available for all prizes would be 2.52 billion (70% of ticket sales).  The total prize for the first place El Gordo (“the big one”) jackpot would be €720 million.”

Because the tickets are so expensive, you often get a small part of one as a gift during December.  One year I had one of these as a gift from the hairdresser, and after I saw online that it was a winning number, I raced into the hairdresser’s to collect my prize.  It turned out to be 4cents!!

So most of the day was spent preparing for our trip – hoorah!!







ROD’S BIRTHDAY!    The winter solstice .  The shortest day.  The first official day of winter.  The season of the ancient pagan yuletide !   What an auspicious day!!

Rod was awake early – all excited about his birthday!  I had managed to get him a big bagful of presents, which looked very impressive … always a must!  he was very pleased with what I had bought, and when I came into the lounge after breakfast, he had made a display of his gifts!


He was disappointed to have nothing  from the children, but it’s such a funny old time of year, it’s understandable that they keep any gifts they have for him until they see him at Christmas.  Poor old Rod!  This has happened throughout his life …. his birthday is just too near to Christmas!!  Pepe came up with a tin of Quality Street though, and Anne and Derek had given him some bubbly yesterday, so he was well compensated.  Phone calls from the three offspring made his day perfect!

I had booked a mystery location for a special lunch, so off we went at 1 o’clock with much guessing and wonderment!  I had chosen El Sabor in Altea, about which I had heard lots of glowing reports.  It DSC03474was a good choice – a bit special with an unusual menu.  Rod’s choice of Steak Tartare (“What?’ RAW beef??”) made Image result for steak tartarhim a bit nervous, but once he’d started it, he wolfed it down!  Pepe joined him in this choice and equally wolfed his down – amazing.

The food was wonderful, and I got excited myself, – so much so that I forgot to take more photos of it!  DSC03476Pepe took one  of us both about to drink our coffee, served on little trays with a glass of almondy creamy stuff to go with it.

Back at home, Rod sorted himself a good film to watch, got himself comfy …. and fell asleep for two hours!  Not much changes!  It gave me an opportunity to go out for a much-needed walk (after all the lovely food).  It’s such a treat to be able to get out again now that the weather is back to normal.  In fact, it’s more of a treat to revel in the date!  From now on, we get more sun every day, – and I am so tired of getting up in darkness.  Naturally, I am a morning person, jumping out of bed and going straight to the window  to look out and see what the day has for us.  When all it has is blackness, I feel somehow cheated.  So from now on, it will be a bit lighter every single day, the sun will stream into my eyes and stop me getting short-sighted (the latest finding in the USA …. slathering on sunscreen + too many hours sitting  around  inside the house = lack of vitamin D +  myopia, arthritis + teeth dropping out + bad moods) and the sun on my skin will help my joints.

I shall also not get fed up with myself, feeling cooped up…. ..  characteristics of an empath number 16 …..

  1. ” Gets bored or distracted easily if not stimulated: Work, school and home life has to be kept interesting for an empath or they switch off from it and end up daydreaming or doodling.”

This is SO true!   When Anne and Derek came around yesterday, I had to move all my STUFF from the place where I sit to watch the tele …. tablet computer and headphones, book, glasses, magnifying glass,  Suduku puzzle page,  computer printout with essential oil recipes of the day, etc…  Normally there will be handicraft stuff aswell (knitting, crochet etc.), just in case the tele programme is not uninteresting or happens to have adverts to be endured!

It’s great to HAVE a table of my own for all my precautions-against- boredom junk.  This is the real me ….

Image result for effect of lack of sunshine








Photographs of the sun just don’t work do they?   But I had to do it –  it was so wonderful to wake up to clear skies – which actually got even better as the day wore on.

DSC03462I got caught up with the Jalón shopping and stood looking at the “dry” river Jalón.  I am told that it had gone down a lot since  the day before, but to me, it seemed very impressive with all its gurgling and whooshing.  It’s been a long time since I saw any water in it at all.

I feel that my patience is somehow being tested!  Last week, I waited for an hour in the medical centre so that I could take Pepe in for his appointment.  He had another one today, and forgot it!   I got there, having arranged to meet him, only to find he was no-where to be seen.  After many phone calls, I located him and he arrived, but he was so late that the nurse went all strict and refused to see him until every single other patient had gone.  So that was another hour sat on a hard plastic chair,  waiting.  Later that same morning, I myself  had a doctor’s appointment.  The doctor herself had rung me to ask me to go along (which got me all agog to hear what was so urgent – what dread  disease they somehow had got wind of in my system!).  Again I had to sit and wait interminably.  When I at last got in, it was only to find that she really wanted Rod, and it was for some very obscure paperwork.

OK – I’ll accept  the lesson and learn patience.  Can I be excused any more tests please ?

A lovely thing happened at five o’clock.  We had received a sketchy email from Llíber council, asking all residents to go along for “DSC03468chocolate and cake”.  So the three of us obeyed the call,  and found  that a big room in the social centre had been laid out with long tables on which were big plates of cakes, bottles of dessert wine and bottles of water.  A big urn of hot chocolate was bubbling away.  So we passed a very pleasant hour, DSC03471chatting away and enjoying the hospitality, and as we left, the mayor did a very short speech ad presented all the ladies with a plant, and all the men with a bag of local  raisins !  The kindness of the Spanish people is wonderful !

The day ended with the visit of Anne and Derek, who got to us at last, 26 hours  late!  Having got all the food ready the day before, all I had to do was stick it in the oven and enjoy the occasion!  We introduced  them to Pooh Head and Perudo, and we all had a marvellous time.

So it was  a long day – but so good.  The sun came out at last, I learned to be patient, I got the shopping done, I had a good gossip, I got to appreciate the innate goodness of people who live in our village, my house gained a cheery plant,  and I had a lovely evening with friends.  Could I ask for anything more  ?

Image result for my cup overfloweth

Thank you, Universe.





Yup!  More rain than ever!

” Rain! whose soft architectural hands have power to cut stones, and chisel to shapes of grandeur the very mountains. ”         Henry Ward Beecher

All through the night, we could hear the rain hammering on the valley, and we got up to a dismal dark day with no scenery to see – all lost in in the gloomy grey cloud-filled sky.  Pepe was soon wandering about with a fed-up face as the rain kept on cutting out his electricity supply and making his television re-set itself to a mode that he could not handle.

He was all geared up to go into Jalón to fetch a bottle of milk, but luckily Rod and I together persuaded him to put this silly idea out of his head.  I gave him milk, tried to cheer him up by sending Rod down to recover his channels, and gave him a restorative haircut. Poor old Pepe – he’s suffering even more from cabin fever than we are.

Loads of people posted videos on Facebook featuring the normally-dry riverbed in Jalón, which now hosts a torrent of gurgling brown deep floodwater.  It really seems unsafe to go out, but his is the first time this has happened since 2007, when the whole road was flooded and cars were seen floating down the Jalón river , right down to the sea.  After that catastrophe, a lot of work was put in to lay huge great pipes to carry flood water away more efficiently.  This year though, even these pipes were not enough.

Late in the afternoon, after I had waited all day in vain for a rain-less interlude, I just had to go out to stretch my legs. I got five minutes down our road before I had to turn back, where the water lay too deep for my shoes.  The wind was too strong for the umbrella and the sound of water gushing down the terracing walls was deafening.  I was pleased to get back to a warm refuge.

We had been looking forward to the evening, when Derek and Anne were invited for a hypnotherapy session ( in order to allow us to practice – thank you), followed by a meal , followed by a game of Perudo. But about four o’clock, they rang to say that the road from their house to ours was too problematic, and one of the bridges in Jalón was closed.  While I was very disappointed, I was also glad that they had opted for safety. This weather  is not to be taken lightly.

So we lit the fire, put all the food in the fridge, hoping for a better day tomorrow, and settled down for a lazy evening with the start of the Christmas schedules on the tele..

We could still hear the storms outside, even with the curtains closed and the tele on – BUT Rod is convinced that the forecast is right when it tells us that the rain will stop at 6 am tomorrow morning.

One of the characteristics of an Empath is;

  1. ”  Love of nature and animals:  Being outdoors in nature is a must for empaths and pets are an essential part of their life.”

Gosh yes – this is why I had to get out this afternoon, or I would  have had to take to the strong drink.  Pets are difficult for us to cope with here in Spain, so I compromise with my pretend pets:


As I was typing the last line, I realised what I had before me !  All my “pets”;   Santa, Sunflower fairy, friendship bird, lucky scarab, happy holey stones from the beach, air-purifying ivy plant and crystal of the day- green aventurine, ( “stone of opportunity”).   It’s no wonder I feel so relaxed and happy in this little haven I have crafted for myself !




This is in great danger of becoming very boring.  I find myself looking out of the window and seeing the big banks of cloud and beginning to feel trapped.  I want desperately to go out and walk for miles, or even to go out and do a series of yoga stretches, but with the rain hammering down, this really is out of the question.

A few years ago, fate sent me onto a Tarot reading course.  I person I hardly knew just rang me up and told me she had organised this weekend course at her house and I would really like to come along.  Who am I to refuse such a gift?  (Well, it wasn’t exactly a GIFT, it was quite expensive as I remember!)

Of course, I lapped  it up.  It was a life-changing weekend for me, as I was introduced to these marvellous cards which have such powerful messages.  I keep the pack to hand in the bedroom, and every now and then I feel compelled to choose one and consider what it is saying; and it always has something relevant for me.

But sometimes a situation will simply remind me of a particular card, and that happened today.  The all-pervading and penetrating gloom reminded me on the five of cups.

This very sad figure can’t take his eyes off his three spilled cups.  Determinedly, he faces the past and will not look at the two full  cups he still has, nor will he see the bridge and the castle which are there for him should he decide to leave this place of sadness and go to a better one.   One of my favourite Tarot websites, Angle Paths, has this  to say;

” So..perhaps we simply have to be  honest enough to assess our expectations realistically, and courageous enough to accept that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we are going to be hurt by disappointment. Maybe we have to make the choice to risk ourselves, and accept that, sometimes, we will get let down…

So on a day that is ruled by the 5 of cups, don’t go looking for disappointment..rather, spend some time assessing your expectations. Look for imbalance, or lack of realism, in your expectations of people and situations. If you find any, then be true to yourself, and adjust those expectations till they serve you better.”

In other words – don’t waste time mourning the loss of the three cups, remember that you have plenty to be grateful for!  The site always gives an affirmation  to complement every card;

” Affirmation: I expect happiness to flow through my life, driving out negative thoughts and emotions.”

OK – having given myself a mental shake, I got down to the business of enjoying a Sunday at home with my partner in life and my father, and I send up a big THANK YOU for the received message.

In every life a little rain must fall – and I am grateful that today it’s only water!




OK – enough now.  We’ve had enough rain.  These ships ran aground near Valencia in the storms.  We are supposed to have an average of Two girls run in front of cargo ships which ran aground after a heavy storm at Saler beach near Valenciafive days  rain in December but according to my reckoning, we  have  already had 19 days rain!!  Stop it now.

I was going to treat myself  to a trip to Jalón market this morning, but it was raining so hard, I just couldn’t see that any stallholders would be able to turn up.  The happy ending to this story is that the house got itself a good cleaning instead.  It was not even cold enough for us to light a cheery fire!

[undefined]BUT the Saturday was lovely in its ordinariness -and ended happily with the final of the Strictly Come Dancing competition!  This programme is a real phenomenon for BBC1.  It has been going  now  for 13 years, and just seems to go on and on with perfect entertainment for a Saturday night.   14 celebrities started to learn to dance in September, and three made it through to the final today.  Sports presenter Ore Oduba was a very worthy winner – my favourite from day one!!   Finalists Louise Redknapp and Danny Mac were not far behind Ore according to the judges’ scores, but it was the public vote that decided the winner.  Well done Ore!  Other stars of the show were Ore’s Mum and Dad, who had come over from Nigeria especially to watch, and were SO excited !

How apt that the next Universal Law is ..

” 11) The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm states that everything vibrates and moves to a certain rhythm. This rhythm establishes cycles, seasons, patterns, and stages of development. Each cycle is a reflection of the regularity of God’s universe. To master each rhythm, you must rise above any negative part of the cycle.”

Ore certainly has rhythm !!

Is this saying that we have to “rise above” the negative aspect of the weather cycle at the moment?   I always read articles about climate change that pop up, and it seems at the moment that we are getting a lot of published results from the year 2015, when there were a lot of freak storms, floodings, fires, tornadoes,  droughts – in fact every type of weather extreme.  In most cases, scientists are able to pinpoint global warming as a cause . Even where they can’t prove that it’s a cause, they also can’t prove that it’s not at the bottom of it all.  I wonder whether any studies have been done on a grander scale, over millennia for example ?  Return of the ice age pending ??

The problem in this time round is that WE have caused most of the global warming, even if President-elect Donald Trump is reported as saying ..

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.”

A worrying outlook for 2017 ?





We like Fridays.  We go shopping in the morning, then go out to lunch.

This morning, we had extra things to do – sorting out Pepe’s punctured tyre and negotiating with Mike’s lawyer in order to get his electricity sorted out at his and Sue’s new house.  But these jobs, and more, all got done, and we set off for our Friday Lunch Club meal, courtesy of Rod.

Image result for restaurante real berniaAs we headed up the Bernia mountain, the rain started to lash down.  His destination of choice, Susie’s, was closed, so we carried on higher and higher until we got to the Restaurante Real de Bernia.  We haven’t been here for a long time, but the position it sits in is amazing – beautiful views all around.  Today, however, there were rain clouds lurking about, and what should have been a big mountain behind Rod’s head looked just like a big cloud.  We were made very welcome, being 3 of the full tally of 5 customers., and the food was delicious. 55€ for the three of us , so not bad at all.   DSC03459The weekend weather is forecast to be so wild, the owner was saying that 2 big parties they had bookings for had cancelled, so they were not going to bother to open.  It must be a difficult life, so far out on a limb, and on a  narrow windy mountain road with lots of hairpins.  Who would risk it if they had a choice – leaving there after sampling lots of the excellent wine and trying to negotiate a wet road in limited visibility.

By the time we got home, it was four o’clock,  and just time to sort out some more of the Swingler’s electric problem, go for my (almost) daily walkabout, finish a quick Suduku, research what I can be doing, naturally, to relieve my arthritic back pain, and write up this diary, before the evening starts at 8 o’clock with The One Show.

So now I have a sheaf of papers printed off , telling me how I can help myself to improve the arthrosis in the spine.  I am really very lazy at doing this, and must make more effort.  I AM good at looking things up and making a plan, but the carrying out of that plan is not so easy. I have a list of the right food to eat, the foods to never eat, food supplements to take, essential oils to sniff in, crystals to smother myself  in, yoga poses to achieve, – phew!  Just remembering what’s on the list and thinking about it makes me want to curl up in  a corner with a good book.

Looking out of the window at the dark clouds and the beating-down rain, makes it appropriate to think about the next Universal Law..

“10) The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity states that everything is on a continuum and has an opposite. There has to be darkness so that we might appreciate Light. There is Solid and liquid and we can see and feel the difference.

We have the ability to suppress and transform undesirable thoughts by focusing on the opposite thought thereby bringing the desired positive change. This could also be likened to the law of mental vibration.”

Yes!  I am looking at the rain and thinking how wonderful the sunshine is when we have it!  I am feeling my back pain and thinking how wonderful it will be to get rid of  it!

So that’s another thing to put on the list of things to do in order to overcome the arthrosis – mental exercises !  I shall incorporate this into Reiki self-healing and focus on a healthy body.  Doing all this seems very time-consuming, but then, pain is very time-consuming too ( and with the added complication  of being mentally and physically wearing on top).  Luckily, I do not have to worry about earning my living now that I am approaching  SEVENTY – so I do have the time!   Wonderful time!  (Nor do I have to go out in all this rain in order to shop for food – I am lucky enough to have a big freezer to hold days-worth of stuff.)

Image result for healthy body healthy mind








With determination, I got up and put on my tennis gear.  With a multitude  of grumbles, half an hour later, I took it all off again. Our weather monitor telephoned to say that the courts were far too wet.  I really don’t know  what’s happening with the weather.  Already we have had record downfalls and the forecast for the weekend is awful.

At least I had something great to look forward to at lunchtime, – our  DSC03450annual Reiki lunch at Awraba in Orba!  Everyone had a marvellous time – all 12 of us – and a great deal of wine was consumed and enjoyed.  We did a Secret Santa as always, with a limit of 5€ per gift, and it was very surprising what a little ingenuity will get you for such a modest sum .  I was very DSC03458pleased with my sunflower fairy present, – it will keep me company by the computer and it will forever remind me of a lovely group of  like-minded, supportive, caring souls in our Reiki group.  Luckily, Dorothy had given me a lift in her car so I didn’t have to worry about driving.

Not a lot else practical got done after I got home from all this !

But an excess of vino tinto did not stop me thinking about things., and the fact  that I seem to be beset by “challenges” at the moment reminded me  that there was a Universal Law to deal with this.  What a surprise … it’s the next one down the list …

” 9) The Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity states that each person will receive series of situations or problems for the purpose of strengthening the ‘inner light’ within us. This law makes it possible for us to stay connected to our hearts when we proceed to solve the problems or remedy the situation which is a ‘test’ for us.

This law also teaches us to compare our situations to other people’s problems and put everything into its right perspective. No matter how bad we perceive our situations to be, there is always someone who is in a more difficult or worst situation thereby making it all relative.”

What with the coming of Christmas and Pepe’s problems to sort out, I have been feeling as if I am losing control of my life again.  But this Law puts it into perspective.  OK – so  Pepe had a puncture in his car and I had to ring  the insurance people, liaise with the garage man, etc., BUT we do not live in Aleppo and go in fear of our lives every minute of the day.

It’s raining hard and the wet clothes are flopping about the house, drying.  BUT I don’t have to catch a non-existent train to work every day in order to earn my living.

I have spent a long time trying to find Rod’s Christmas present – ( he wants a wedding ring to replace the one he lost) BUT at least he is HERE and I don’t have to struggle on without him as some people do.

I had to miss my yoga and my walking group this week because of Pepe’s needs.  BUT at least we still have him with us and he is still very good company – never willingly asking for assistance.  AND I got to go to my lovely lunch which gave me such a boost and cheered me up no-end.


The Law has another paragraph –

” Nobody is ever given a problem they will be unable to handle as we already have the ability to handle them. Do not spend your time looking for happiness from the outside as it already lies within you.”









DSC03442The day dawned in a beautiful way.  There was a lovely clear sky as I looked out at it first thing – and there, hanging heavily was a marvellous super-moon!  But it was travelling so quickly!  By the time I had found the camera, it had almost disappeared, but believe me, it WAS amazing.  This is the third month in a row  for supermoons – a rare occurrence.

DSC03446I was getting excited about the Wednesday Wander with the group – but Pepe was still needing attention, so that was not to be.  Instead, I put my boots on and walked over the mountain to Senija, and enjoyed a solitary stomp through the wonderful scenery.  Everything was very damp after all the rain we have had, but I was amazed to see tyre  tracks in the mud!  Mountain bikers had been doing the narrow footpath recently.  How brave!  The track is only a few inches wide in places, and one slip could easily mean that a cyclist is hurled down the mountain.


The walk took 50 minutes, and Rod met me in Senija so that we could  go on to Benissa for some shopping.   As we walked along the DSC03447streets, the Christmas decorations looked lovely,  but then I looked more closely – and , how fantastic is this , the garlands over the main streets were made of individual pictures made by children!

It’s hard to see on the pic, but the rectangular pieces of paper hanging up there each have a different Christmas picture on them, and the rows of pictures spread way up the street.  Imagine the excitement if you are a child, looking for your own contribution to the town’s Christmas decorations!

It’s a very depressing time at the moment for world news.  The media is dominated by the Aleppo crisis in Syria.  From the pictures, it would seem that there is very little of the city left after all the bombing and shooting, but today was to be a cease-fire day , so that all the residents left trapped could escape.  This is what The  Guardian said ….

Tens of thousands of civilians remained trapped without food, water or medicine under a hail of artillery and airstrikes on Wednesday after Iranian-backed militia who had spearheaded the ground assault on eastern Aleppo defied a ceasefire agreement brokered on Tuesday by Russia and Turkey, which had been intended to allow residents and opposition fighters under siege to leave the city.

“Save us, people. Save us, people, world, anyone who has even a bit of humanity,” said one doctor in a voice message from a besieged district.  “We beg you, we beg you, the dead and wounded are in the streets and people’s homes have collapsed on top of them. Save us. Save us.”  “

Some sort of renewed cease-fire happened very late in the day, but who can read or see this sort of stuff and not be moved to wonder how human beings can be so lacking in basic humanity and empathy that they cause innocent families such distress.

 Syrian civilians from the al-Sukari neighbourhood flee during the ongoing government forces military operation to retake remaining rebel-held areas in the northern embattled city of Aleppo on Wednesday.  Syrian civilians from the al-Sukari neighbourhood flee during the government offensive to retake remaining rebel-held areas in the northern city of Aleppo on Wednesday.


Those children!  How many generations will it take to rid the collective consciousness of these experiences?

I feel so helpless to do anything about it, but only hope that somehow, my healing thoughts go floating out into the Universe to join with similar others to have an effect.  That’s all I can do – so I’ll do it.

Image result for healing thoughts for the plaNET




WOAH – TUESDAY 13TH ?  This is BAD in Spain!  It’s the equivalent of Friday 13th in other parts.  I don’t know why, apart from a few catastrophes for Spain happened on a Tuesday, and also the Spanish word for Tuesday as martes – named after Mars, the god of war.  There is even a Spanish saying …

” En martes ni te cases ni te embarques ni de tu casa te apartes’,

meaning,  ‘don’t marry, go on a boat, or leave your house on Tuesday’.  It’s just as well I didn’t realise the date when we set off for Benissa this morning, to get a new SIP (health service) card for me.  Part of the trouble yesterday  in Denia Hospital stemmed from my card not working in the automatic welcoming and direction machines, so I thought it best to go and get it replaced.  I stood in the queue for a whole hour waiting for my turn, with only three people in front of me and all my fellow Spanish queuers waiting very politely and stoically behind me.  Only one man, and him in a wheelchair, sitting comfortably, was grumbling loudly and profanely and Englishly!

Luckily, I remembered the lesson of yesterday and took it in my stride.  With only a little difficulty.

So the rest of the day on wrapping parcels for the festive days, and looking forward to re-joining the yoga class in Murla.  I had lost touch with the leader, Elise, and had assumed that the classes had discontinued.  But no!  Socorro kindly sorted it for me.  But disappointment lurked around the corner.  Pepe had a mini-crisis up his sleeve just at the wrong time, so although I was changed and ready with my kit, I never actually made it!  Heigh ho – it obviously was never meant to be.

I was specially looking forward to this particular yoga, as it is Spanish and very gentle.  When I started going back in January, I was in a great deal of pain, and it got rid of it!  Today, all that pain is back.  Is it my own fault?  I know the yoga moves to help, but I don’t do them, citing as excuse the rain , meaning that I can’t go up to my roundhouse and  do exercises.  Mamby pamby or what?  Interesting to find the “characteristic of an Empath” to explain my back problem:

  1. ” Digestive disorders and lower back problems: The solar plexus chakra is based in the centre of the abdomen and it’s known as the seat of emotions. This is where empaths feel the incoming emotion of another, which can weaken the area and eventually lead to anything from stomach ulcers to IBS (too many other conditions to list here). Lower back problems can develop from being ungrounded (amongst other things) and one, who has no knowledge of them being an empath, will almost always be ungrounded.”

OK – now I know, I promise to DO something about it.

DSC03417Christmas decorations are springing up now in all the villages, which is so charming!  This is the one along the main road of our village.  It’s quite a common one and always brings a smile to my face – rhyming “Bones” with “owns”, although I know perfectly well, it is pronounced “Bonness”.  It’s in the Valencianan language, and means “happy holidays”.

DSC03449More decorations are also springing up at home, too – Santa has come along to keep me company at my computer.  I am sure he’s smiling, but he hides it well behind his beard.

What a lovely time of year!!