B-day plus 2

February 29th .,  and I was up and out before breakfast to stomp along the wind-blown beach before breakfast.feb 27th Peñiscola

I was the only one there, even the seagulls had opted out, but managed to keep going for 40 minutes.  Surely that entitles me to nosh a few birthday trufas .. arguably some of the best chocs in the DSC02070


Thing to be most grateful for today is this …

Feb 29th Peñiscola beach

I always come back from a walk with a stone or two – but this pebble was singing to me on the beach !  I heard it ! Yes indeed, episode free gems it was singing “Happy Birthday to you ….” in a squeaky little high voice.

Point I pondered as I gazed at the sea swooshing in and out …

About everything “received” by the sea ….. “nought enters there,  Of what validity and pitch soe’er,   But falls into abatement and low price”. 

I love the way the sea rounds everything off.  Pebbles, bits of wood, old bricks, etc., all get their corners worn off so that they have a sort of uniformity, yet somehow get to look really marvellous.  I can’t agree with Shakespeare about the sea depreciating everything … it tries and it succeeds in depreciating the sharp edges, but if a thing is intrinsically beautiful, then nothing can spoil it.


B-day plus 1!

Sant mateu, castellon, san mateo castellon, location vinaros, louer ...

OK – I can see immediately that I have been found out … I am not ACTUALLY doing this on the right days.  I am catching up now that we have got home after our birthday trip.  Although the hotel was lovely, it was very feeble in its supply of internet power, so I couldn’t start while I was there.  So today is Monday, Leap-year day in fact and we have got home, but I shall pretend it is now yesterday.Feb 28th Albassera (3)

So TODAY (yes ! 28th Feb) we had a slow drive around this part of Castellón.  The legs of Mr Waspe are not what they used to be, so anything more energetic was out of the equation, and it was quite cold anyway – only 7degrees – so I was quite happy to be driven around the mountains.  The scenery was just stunning, with a bright and glittery covering of snow on the mountains.  This small town here is Sant Mateu.  See the columns in the photo – they went all around the huge town square which dates back to the 14th century.  This whole area seems inordinately proud of its connection with the Antipope Benedict 13th., and even the road our hotel is in has been named after him “Papa Luna”.  Well, did you ever?

So today I am so grateful for a wind-proof and heated car … remembering our struggles to bike the Camino last autumn, it would have taken us 3 days to bike the circuit we did in just a few hours today !

Point to ponder …

“Be yourself , no matter what they say”.   Sting was singing this to us in the car today.  Ooh  oo – he’s an alien, but has good advice.

Birthday time !

Heigh Ho and away we go ! Today I enter my 70th year, and to mark the hugeness of this achievement, I have resolved to become  Blogger !  I have looked up exactly what a Blogger is, and have leaned heavily on my clever brother who knows about these things, in order to get started.  Why? Well why not?  I shall mainly be doing it for ME.  When I am older and have lost my marbles, I shall have a reminder of what I was like and what was important to me.


Things I shall try to include ;

  1. Diary of every single day for a whole year.
  2. At least one photo of something I have been grateful for on that day.
  3. Point to Ponder. I may lift this directly from Facebook, from which comes much of my knowledge lately, or it may be the recall of some wise words that have popped into my brain.Feb 27th Peñiscola hotel

So today is my 69th birthday !  here I am …

…staying at the Costablanca Hotel in Peñiscola with husband and benefactor.  We are on the balcony, having been UPGRADED to a “best room” on the 9th floor ! Wow! What better thing to be grateful for today?  A bag full of birthday gifts and a sea-view balcony to enjoy them on.

We had a great day, exploring the local villages, attacking the chocs and the Bailey’s, and accepting no responsibilities at all.

Point to ponder today is from Facebook.

Expand Your Consciousness's photo.

I am reaching for all sorts of new things now that I am almost a septuagenarian.


So that’s my start … I can only improve.